Welcome to the website of the artist Denis Taylor.  Click the green button above to go straight to the artists latest series of abstract work. From that page you can view work from 2014 to 2019. And another links to his early work (1983 – to -2014). Each page will also have a link to the artists written work, from poetry, art essays, art history and critical art opinion.

Below you can discover something about the artist through the questions and answers at selected exhibitions from 1989 to 2020. (please note: Q&A’s will be added to and rotated over time please do bookmark this page)

1989. Why did you go to Greece to paint the 30 artworks on show here today? From the exhibition (Rover Returns -Manchester/Chorley UK).  Answer: “It was a need to remove myself from the Society, one where I had become known through my design work. It became obvious to me in one moment of total clarity whilst taking a bath what I wanted to do.      I understood the inner need to create something that meant far more than just making money. And so I had to isolate myself to re-discover who I really was. Some years earlier (1976) I’d discovered a small Greek island where I could do exactly that and set out to find an alternative life through Art.  It was that island that I chose to return to in 1988, to start the process, it would have been impossible to do it in England. It’s process that I’m confident will be on going.”

1996 – How long have you been an artist? (from the Art Work Now 1996 exhibition Sweden) This was held at the Krut Gallery, Vaxholm.  Answer: “I’ve been a painter for most of my life, but I guess what you would like to call ‘a-full-time-artist’ for several years. However I have never lived off my painting as such, but I have lived, not only for them, but because of them.”

2002 – Why are you the lead artist for this very important Swedish and Estonian exhibition? (the Heart 2 Art Exhibition Steninge Palace, Stockholm, asked by a culture Jounalist in Sweden). Answer “Well, I’m a writer as well as a creator of visual art. My very early days at the Manchester High School of Art, where I was enrolled at eleven years old, provided me the solid base from which I have worked these last 51 years, as an artist, a writer and a designer. Creative thinking is the thing I enjoy and the thing I am really good at. That’s why I’m the lead artist, exhibition designer and curator for this national and internationally important exhibition. And I liked the fact that it was not a commercial commission, thats why I accepted the challenge to create it from the Swedish Governments Estonia Trust Fund and the (DIS) International Support Group. And believe me it has been a hell of challenge (with you guys) to report on the positive reasons behind it, since it was conceived of way back in 1998.”

2005 – From the Manchester. BBC Art North West. Northern Culture Video introduction in reply to the question about education. “I have always been grateful to my junior art teacher who recommended to my father that I should attend that unique junior Manchester High School of Art. And to the many gifted artists who not only taught at the School, but also who allowed me and the rest of the young gifted students the freedom to think out of the box and in several dimensions, without needing to impose any visible or creative control, at least not one that the student was aware of.”