do we need the stars of art?

Russian Advant Garde - poet
Poet of the Russian Advant Garde -1918.

“ We don’t need an art Mausoleum

For the worship of dead artwork

we need living factories of human spirit”

Who was it that said that?

Maybe it was  Valdimir Mayakovski

in a moment of revolutionary heat.

He didn’t know then

his words now would resemble

rotting meat.

Revolution came

and sat on his shoulder

and let him


of a new beginnings.

Yet he faded so quick 

so took his own life

it seems his ideas, just like his soul,

simply wander and became under control.

It’s all so long ago that Quote of Hope

Today it comes in a musical note.

By them that get inspired on dope.

And that painted art?

What the fuck is that?

No one dares to say today

or even have an opinion – no way.

But It’s Flat.


and well Dumbed down.

And it lives on the internet all alone

like the soul of poor Valdimir.


Revolution – Change – Begin Again

Start afresh

Think Outside the Box – make a new start

or shall art be locked in chains again?

Or even worse still, be only seen in a virtual shopping Mart?

“We don’t need a Modern Art Mausoleum

to worship the living Stars of Art

All we need is Heart 2 Art

who was it that said that?

Oh yea, I forgot…it was me in 1983.”

poem-book©Denis Taylor 1989/1993 – published 2017/2017- from Denis Poem Books – 1988-2018

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