Protos. An update

Denis Taylor Artist and Writer
artist and author Denis Taylor

Following on from Part Six the author brings the reader up to date with a short summary of events

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...Our main character is now admitted into the hospital. He is still totally unclear what is to happen to him. The time allowed for consultation and related surgical information (to the ‘patient) is just not available. Less than six hours have passed since he arrived to be examined by the chief consultant and surgeon at the hospital. All he knows is that the next day he shall be operated on. What that operation entails is still a mystery to him. All he knows is that the person who will carry out the procedure is a well known specialist by the mane of “Mr Draken.”

As many readers will be aware, before an operation an anesthetist visits the patient to discuss the sort of ‘modus operandi’ of the drugs that are to be used, ones that  ensure the patient is placed in a ‘non compos mentis’ state. Without the risk of accidental drug overdose.

That afternoon the anesthetist visited our hero and checked on if he was alergic to anything, or if he had had reactions to any drugs whatsoever (aside to  the obvious recreational drug reactions).  Our hero told the young anesthetist that he would ‘tell him what he may remember when he came back to consciousness from the drugs”. Having satisfied the ‘rules vis vee post-op’ the anesthetist promised that “…with the cocktail that I shall make for you, can rest assured, you will not remember anything whatsoever.” And with that left the hospital ward where our hero was ensconced along with five of his fellow ‘inmates’.

The orderlies arrived the next day at 10.30 am sharp and loaded our hero onto a trolley and carefully delivered him to the ‘pre-op’ room where the anesthetist was waiting. He quickly delivered his pre-pared cocktail of knock out drugs and asked our hero to count to 100, he made it to 99. The operation could begin….

….Eight hours later our hero woke – He was still in the pre-op room – totally unaware of the time and what had gone before – He raised his head slightly off the trolley and spoke “hello, guess what I remember seeing a black square with a light around it”  Our hero said said in a manner that would have suited a man the worse for drink.

The Anesthetist was leaning on a worksurface chatting to a nurse, he spun round shocked to see our hero has come around from the ‘cocktail’ of drugs so soon, the ones he had administered and had conducted to boost throughout the long operation. He checked our hero out and then with some haste he called on the Ward Sister to arrange for his patient to e taken back to his place of recovery.  On arrival in the ward – “I’ll come and see you tomorrow.” The anesthetist said to our hero as he underent several checks on his status by the nurses – Our hero was feeling good – probaly still tripping from the drugs – he asked the nurse if he could have something to eat – as he was “really quite hungry.”…..continued

(note: the full Hosiptal episode can be read in the book – to be published at the end of 2020)

Three weeks later …this edited version of the story  will continue in Part Seven – publishing Wednesday 12th February.

Protos Loophole – Original book written by Denis Taylor ©2005 – 2007  in Weymouth & Manchester UK. Edited version by Studio 5  Sweden in 2013- 2018. copyright is the sole property of Denis Taylor and Marianne Arnberg Taylor ©2020