About Denis Taylor

Denis Taylor Artist
Denis in the studio:  photograph ©2018.Marianne Arnberg

I’ve been a painter for most of my life, but I guess what you would call ‘a professional artist’ for 30 odd years. However I have never lived off my Art, but I have lived for it. I’m a writer of poems, fictional art related stories  and also more academic art related essays for just as long.

My interest in visual art stems from a life long association with creating it, ever since my very early days at the Manchester High School of Art, where I was enrolled at the tender age of eleven.  It was probably the most important day in my life, one I have always been grateful to my junior art teacher who recommended to my father that I should attend that unique junior Art School. The Artists who taught at the Art School allowed me the freedom to think out of the box –  and in several dimensions. 

From day one they gave the new young intakes a profound understanding of what abstract painting really was by way of the simplest yet brilliant Art lesson. It was exactly this abstracted thought process that the school encouraged in their pupils from eleven years old through to the Seniors (age 18). They also taught calligraphy, Art history and classical life drawing lessons and a host of art related subjects like ceramics, silk screen printing, creative writing, drama as well as the three ‘R’s.

I think it was a very sad day for ‘Art’  when the Manchester Junior Art School was closed by the local government, who perhaps suffered from the severe myopia of a new dogma in an education system. After decades of being sidelined, painting is back on course as a popular medium of expression. It appears Art and painting specifically is beginning to make a difference to our culture once again and I’m truly happy to have played my small part in re-establishing authentic painting as an Art Form and not just as a product for the consumer market.

visit painters TUBES magazine to read some of my articles painters TUBES by clicking here.

CV- solo & group Exhibitions, commissions and other engagements .

2019  – painters Tubes Artists Gallery (Showcase). Curator -Artist Exhibitions
2018 -2019- Group Show. ‘Crossley Gallery’. Dean Clough Limited
2018 – Speech. ‘Markendale’ Portraits- Ordsall Hall, Salford, UK.
2017 – Opening Speech for Saddleworth Art Museum – The Ten of Us – Exhibition.
2016 -2017. Artist/Writer for the International Art Market Magazine. (12 issues)
2016. -Artist Writer and Editor for painters Tubes magazine
2016. -“Memories of a Mancunian” Buy Art Fair. Granada Studios, Manchester, UK.
2012 & 2014″ – Ut och IN” (in and out) Exhibition Solo. Studio 5 Skane Sweden.
2011- Slavenka Studios “Three International Artists” Exhibition. Skane Sweden.
2007 – “this is not a Chair” solo show 1989-2007 – Space 23. New Islington, Manchester. 2006- Three videos for BBC Video Nation. North West. Manchester Art Scene + the future.
2005 – the Blue Path (re-visited). solo show -Mullbery Gallery. Dorset, UK.                            2002. The Heart 2 Art Exhibition. Steninge Castle Culture Center. Stockholm Sweden.
Commission: Swedish Government Estonia Trust Fund +International Support Group.se
2000. American Art Guild  Seth Godin, Award for Powerful painting (“Stepping Stones”)
1998. – Steninge Castle Culture Center. Sweden. “After 5 Years Project” (1998-2002)
1998. -“4-Walls” Tornvillan, Vaxholm Stockholm Sweden.
1998. -“Save our Music School”- Solo show. Vaxholm Stockholm Sweden
1998 -“Kliver Ut” (eng: Stepping Out) 1998 Rindo Redutt Gallery. Rindo Sweden.
1996. -Art Work Now. Castle Krut Gallery, Vaxholm, Stockholm Sweden
1995. -The Blue Path. solo show-Eden Culture Center. – Stockholm – Sweden
1995 -The Blue Path. (invitational) Carolinska Institute -Stockholm Sweden
1994 -Castor Gallery- Solo Showcase- “Alexanders Return” – Stockholm Sweden
1994 -Agulie Gallery – Solo show- “Alexanders Return” – Stockholm Sweden
1990 -1993. Aegina Island – Solo- Souvala. Greece
1989 -1990. Solo Exhibition, Greenall Whitley – Chorley, UK – Manchester, UK

if you have a question or would like to now more about my art please contact me through the form below…  all the best. Denis.

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