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Welcome to the website of  Denis Taylor. 

Please click the (green) button below to view the latest series of abstract work. From there you can find links to view paintings from 2019 to 2009 – and further links to work from 2009 to 2000 and the earlier artists work (1999  to 1983). Each page has a link to the writing of the artist including poetry, art essays and art history articles published by painters TUBES magazine and the international Art Market magazine from 2016 onwards. 

The visitor can gain information of how the artists ‘thinks’ about art by way of the ‘questions and answers’ which have been extracted from original documentation from selected exhibitions (1989 to 2020).

please note: Q&A’s can be read on the relevant periods of the artists work on within each page segment as the introduction in each of the artists studios (UK, Greece and Sweden).

Question #1: November 1989. “Why did you go to Greece to paint the 30 artworks we see on show here today?” Asked by the Avant Art magazine at the exhibition ‘Rover Returns’ Manchester & Chorley  Venues, UK. 

Answer: “I felt an urgent need to reconnect with fine art after 15 years of designing interiors, so I had to remove myself from the big City society where I had become a known character.  It became obvious to me in a moment of  pure clarity (whilst taking a bath), what I had to do. That was attempt to create art with emotional depth and real honest feelings. It was a growing inner need to create something vital and one that meant more than to me than simply making money out of being a creative. I needed to challenge myself, greater than I had ever done before.  And so I decided to isolate myself to be able to do that seriously.  As a designer I felt I had become almost another version of my former self, one that I had created. Some years earlier I’d visited a small Greek island where I felt I belonged. And so I returned to it to try and forge a new authentic life through Fine Art.  I believed that it would be an impossible task to achieve this in the City of my birth. It’s process that I’m confident will be on going. These 30 paintings represent one full year of concentrated study and they go someway to meet my ultimate goal.”

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