my life as an English artist on a Greek island… introduction

the headline of this post was a book, which was also written as a weekly blog, way back in 1998. Unfinished it was only ever published as online blog, now erased. The story was written in 12 parts, but it never reached an ending. This was because my life experiences (as an artist) had not ended …in a way by 1998, they had only just begun.

Denis Taylor -artist writer.

2021 marks 70 years of being an artist, so I thought it would be good to totally re-write the whole story from the beginning – The essence of which starts in 1984 – when as a young successful man of 33 years of age, I realised that money, a nice house, two cars and winter or summer holidays in the Sun was not the be and end all of the meaning of life nor the complete fulfilment of it.

So it was in that fateful year that I began to understand and accept, what it was that I really wanted to do with the rest of life. And that was to do exactly what I was born to do – Create an Art that had never existed before – It was this crazy ambition that I carried with me from being a five year old through the Manchester High School of Art, on through my late teen year at Art College and my then my early adult life in the commercial art and design City business community that I was enrolled into.

slaves working with a smile

All that before I was captured totally by the rules of the system, ones that demanded that my ‘success’ and standing in the society be measured by the amount of consumer goods I had acquired, where and what sort of house I lived in, what car I drove, what label was in my clothes and how much money I processed through the all powerful system with its ever open central tax collectors mouth, keeping its slaves working with a smile.

The story is a creative version of reality, a version of which I will imbue all the human conditions, love, hate, sex, stupidity, jealousy and greed in equal measure. The story will also reflect actual people, although for legal reasons I shall change their identity, name or combine two characters into one.

The original blog gained 10,000 subscibers per month, and I do hope you, the new reader will enjoy the whole story as much as past readers enjoyed the last of the 12 posts made from January 1998 to January 1999.


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Denis Taylor Artist aegina island

Some paintings from my early life -click here

Some writing for my job as editor for painters TUBES magazine and the International Art Market Magazine

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