Denis Taylor Artist and writer

Denis Taylor Artist Writer and Curator of TUBES art Gallery

Aegina island

Aegina Island in the Saronic Gulf Greece
Palia Hora Old Town in Greece

Artwork 1983 to 1993

From Manchester to Greece 1983 to 1993

Denis Taylor Studio on Aegina island 1988 to 1994
Denis Taylor Studio on Aegina island 1988 to 1994

Seminal works.

The literal meaning of the word ‘seminal’ means strongly influencing later developments – And as Art is alway in flux, Seminal is perhaps the correct word to use for this artist, one who has been painting since his enrolment at an Art School for gifted kids in 1962. Now approaching Seventy years old Denis Taylor is still developing his art- or so he says…

“An artist should never stop progressing and developing – Picasso was still experimenting into his nineties… So, I want to do that, dying in front of a new canvas must be a glorious way to check out and leave planet Earth…”

On this page painters TUBES magazine, for which the artist is the Editor in Chief, is delighted to have chosen a select number of works that illustrate the artists development.


The paintings shown date in chronological order – 1980’s through to 1990’s. The more recent work of Denis Artist can be found on other pages on this website. Denis is also a writer, and you can read his latest essay on the “the Wild Beasts of Art” from 1905 by clicking here…read about the Wild Beasts of Art..

Denis Taylor - Artist, Acid Trip 1986/88
ACID TRIP (aka -Bobbins Power) painted in 1986 Manchester UK and completed in 1988 Aegina island 48 inches x 24 inches (120cm 60cm) oil on masonite- Artists Collection
Denis Taylor Artists- Sarah's Day Dream
“Sarah’s Day Dream” 48 inches x 24 inches – 120cm x 60cm .Oil on masonite painted on Aegina Island Greece in 1988. Artists Collection (UK Trust)
We all get Stoned - Denis  Taylor Artist
“we all get Stoned” .1500mm x 900mm . Oil/enamel and wood dye on reconstructed oil on oil canvas – painted on Aegina island. 1990 to 1993 – Private Collection Sweden.
Denis Taylor Artist - Last Night at the Disco
“last night at the Disco” 1200mm x 500mm. Oil on canvas. painted 1992 Aegina island . Private Collection Finland.
missing Sarah painting by Denis Taylor 1992
“Missing Sarah” 1500mm x 900mm Oil and enamel on Canvas. Painted 1992 to 1993 Aegina island Greece. Private Collection Sweden
Red Bucket - Painting by Denis Taylor
“Adam’s Red Bucket” – Concept 1983/4 – painted Aegina island 1986/7 . 30 inches x 24 inches Oil on Masonite. Private Collection. UK

Acid Trip is currently in the UK for framing by ‘FrameThis’ It is available for collectors – Enquiries are welcome. Please use the form below

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