Opinion on Art

Denis Taylor Artist

¨As a painter for over three decades, I’ve achieved most things that a painter can. I have exhibited in three countries, sold work, collected other painters work, engaged with artists groups, held the position of lead artist in more than one major exhibition, worked as curator, designer, editor and writer for two international magazines. I’ve engaged and worked with art academics and institutions on art projects, painted commissions and murals in three countries. You would think, by now, I could hang up my oil stained painting clothes and watch the emerging artists strut their stuff  onto an unsuspecting general public.

However, serious painting is a demanding mistress. I love her and hate her simultaneously. And so I continue to go to my studio and paint. I also sit at my iMac every day and write. Probably for no one in particular, certainly not for the need or want of a pat on the back or a round of applause. 

You see, I’m infected with a one way love condition – And it’s terminal, yes I will die with it.  If you have stumbled across this art page, among the millions that are on the web I invite to take a look around it for a few minutes check out my work from 1983 on-wards.

This is a new site so I shall be adding as I go along.  However, the work that you may be looking at is my life.  Please don’t think I have set out to impress you with some sort of self professed prowess or genius, I don’t care for that congratulatory shit. Art is just what I have done and what I am still doing  – It’s no better or worse than what you do with your life.

If you want to say something…be my guest and use the form after the video where I ramble on about String Theory and abstract painting, like as if that really matters  “Art what use has it – you can’t eat it, can you…but can you live without it?”

Denis Taylor – Artist – Studio 5 Sweden.  Writer. Editor. Curator. Lead Artist and CEO painters TUBES® (group)

Seminal Work of the Artist (part One) 1983 to 1993