Denis Taylor Artist and Writer
Artwork 2005 to 2015

Artwork 2005 to 2015

painting studio one decade - Denis Taylor Artist and writer

“my memory is the only Art I am concerned with at the moment…”

The artist returned to his Swedish Studio on a permanent basis in 2012, although he flitted between the Studio in the UK. In the UK the artist developed the reflection series of work and finally created a number of large abstractions in Sweden.

The following selected images are some of the work of this period.

Studio 4 UK. Denis Taylor Artist and Writer
Studio 4 (the Hut) Ancoats Manchester UK

Canal Reflections. This is not a chair - Magritte Homage -1
Canal. This is not a chair. Magritte Homage

Canal Reflections. This is not a chair - Magritte Homage-2
Canal. This is not a chair. Magritte Homage

Manchester Canal abstractions - 1,2,3, Old Cotton Mills on the Canal- Denis Taylor Artist.
Canal abstractions – 1,2,3,

Manchester Canal - 1. abstraction on a Mill on the Canal with Crane- Denis Taylor Artist.
Manchester Reflections- 1.

Manchester Canal - 2. abstraction on a Mill on the Canal with Crane- Denis Taylor Artist.
Manchester Reflections 2.

Canal Reflections by Denis Taylor artist and writer
Reflections on the canal after a slight breeze

Acrylic Sketch on plastic Canal reflections
Sketch – on PVC/plastic with acrylic.

Sunset Reflections. Lake in Sweden

Denis Taylor painting in his studio in SwedenArtist.
Artist painting in Studio 5 Sweden

Manchester Canal New Islington Manchester
The Canal – Manchester Ancoats (New Islington)


Began in 2005. The artist was asked by the Manchester Arts Council to perform a live painting demonstration at Portland Museum (Ashton-u-Lyne). Denis had a studio in the Ancoats (now New Islington) area next to the Canal and had been using the reflections in the canal as a catalyst to develop new abstract concepts. The early work was created using acrylic paint on perspex. 

Denis carried the concept of ‘Reflections’ on his return to his Swedish Studio in 2013. Here is a short extract from the catalogue that was produced for the exhibition in the VR painters TUBES gallery in 2019.

I was aware of the Old Wellington Mill, in the district known as Ancoats (renamed to New Islington in 2005). An area I knew very well from my childhood. The premises I chose was actually the old toilets of the cotton mill that was located in the central yard.

The old building was occupied by what could be seen as society misfits, but were in fact fellow creatives. It was home to a music rehearsal rooms, visual artists and a few nice eccentric humans,many of whom normal people would not socialise with. The ‘hut’ as I came to affectionately all the old toilets, had been made ‘live-able’ by a video making company. They had installed a kitchen and shower facilities, needed because they made pornographic films on the premises.

The guy who maintained the Mill was a mister fix-it, called Tony. He was a good hearted man who became a close and valued friend. In other words the Hut was perfect, some time later my new place of abode.  The Hut (Studio 4) became almost a legend in its own right in Manchester.

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