Denis Taylor Artist and writer

Denis Taylor Artist Writer and Curator of TUBES art Gallery

Aegina island

Aegina Island in the Saronic Gulf Greece
Palia Hora Old Town in Greece

Summer Break, Greece in 2021, with any luck

Denis Taylor Artist and Writer
Denis Taylor England, Greece and Now Sweden

The story of My Life as An Artist on a Greek island is quite literally taking a break on a Greek island. That is of course if I can obrain my Covid Passport in time. But which ever way, the fact is I am curating several exhibitions  from June through the summer, so I will not be able to get back on with the next 12 parts of the story until September. So, sorry if you have been following this story and are disappointed. It will be worth waiting for though. Loads of great happenings, sex, sun and fun and a few tragedies too…so bookmark the url or follow the blog…

All the best.


ps: i will be posting quite a lot of paintings up for your interest like the one below, which is painting from my Greek studio but exhibited in Sweden in the major Exhibition ‘Kliver UT’ (eng: stepping out) in 1998

Stepping Out